In order to achieve the highest standards of quality on tube welding, Nunez Precision Welding, Inc. is been using this mechanized welding process since the year 2005,over this period of time we have been able to acquired various sizes of fusion heads,this allow our shop to perform Orbital welding on tubes from 1/4 inch OD to 2.5 inch OD. including the manufacturing of Micro-fittings. process piping, Brewery and pharmaceutical,Due to the benefits of the Orbital Welding and its totally enclosed weld heads we have successfully accomplish project using Stainless Steel, Monel 400 and Titanium Grade 2. We currently have two models of these orbital welding machines, the model 205 wh ch is stationary at all-times, and the model 207 with water cooling capabilities.

Welding Heads From Arc Machines Inc.

Model 8-2000 Model 9-500

Model 9-750

Model 9-2500

Orbital Welding Supporting Equipment: Facing tools, is commonly used on the tube fusion welding Industry, this tools have the ability of having a portable small lathe, so your tubes are perfectly straight at every cut. At Nunez precision Welding, Inc. we are currently using five different models, this are from the well know brand Tri-tools inc. Model 308 up to 8.0" Diameter Tube, Model 304 up to 4.0" Diameter Tube, Model 302 up to 2.0" Diameter Tube, Model 301 and 301 SP. to do from 1/4"to 1.0" including all micro-fittings


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